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Rachel Trombley - Soule Elementary School Counselor







Guidance and Counseling... What is it?

As part of your child’s comprehensive education, counselors in USD 443 provide professional services through the counseling program including: counseling, information, assessment, and teaming.

Counseling is provided through individual counseling

 and small groups, classroom presentations,                  

 and other classroom activities.                        

Information dissemination is provided for educational

and career planning as well as personal and

 social adjustment.

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Assessment focuses on student appraisal through

 both tests and non-testing devices in order to assist students and significant adults with

 decisions based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.   

Teaming consists of counselor

 consultation, collaboration, and coordination activities to provide

 students with a sense of consistency within the school and among school,

home, and communityDue to the complex issues that our students face today, if one

 of our school counselors feels that the need of the student is beyond the training and skills of

our school counselors, they will refer them to another professional within the school

 or an outside agency, depending on the need of the student.


CONFIDENTIALITY-the professional counselor will make reasonable efforts to honor the wishes of parents/guardians concerning information regarding the student. It is important to be aware of the nature of the counseling relationship between the counselor and student and a counselor’s ethical obligation to the student to keep information confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality include:

When the student is in clear and imminent danger to themselves and others.

When legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed.